Daniel Constans

I have spent the last 16 years of my professional career as a therapist, 10 in the NHS as an Occupational Therapist and nearly 6 years as a complementary therapist, full time since 2013. 

I decided to learn Craniosacral Therapy more by curiosity than as a career move. However, once in the field of complementary therapies, many therapists will tell you how fascinating this field of study is. Gripping like a gold rush fever, the pull to find out more and train in more modalities is hard to resist. After qualifying in Craniosacral Therapy in 2011 I added more strings to my bow with Thai Massage and Clinical Aromatherapy. The latter as taught by Gabriel Mojay who uses the Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) model as an elegant means of holistically selecting essential oils. 

No Hands Massage has been a great help in teaching me to look after myself physically, emotionally and in my relationship with clients, notwithstanding the incredible massage technique itself! Adding skills such as advanced deep tissue massage (with hands!) and chair massage has gently but firmly rooted my approach in the practice of massage as a tool for remedial and therapeutic aims. 

This is why I’m currently training with the North London School of Sports Massage to become a level 5 accredited sports massage therapist, and probably one of the most challenging courses I’ve done since my degree in Occupational Therapy.

Living and working in London, I have over the years, developed expertise in dealing with issues related to living in this great and fast-paced city. I am accustomed to helping office workers who suffer from poor posture due to sitting at a desk for long hours and people who suffer from muscle tension, back and neck pain, anxiety or low mood.

I'm also providing products and essential oils that are 100% organic and ethically sourced. Mood changing inhalers, muscle rubs or pain reducing balms are all tailored to your individual needs to create bespoke home remedies to further the effects of the treatment and for your after care. 

Daniel is extremely professional and uses an incredibly relaxing technique. He is also very holistic in his approach to massage therapy.
— Claire, Marketing Manager
Daniel is an experienced and caring therapist, skilled in a range of treatments. The massage was tailored to my current needs and the pace and pressure requested was maintained, so it all exceeded my expectations. The choice of essential oils was careful and appropriate, and I felt really relaxed and refreshed afterwards. The room temperature, music and general atmosphere was lovely and peaceful. I have monthly treatments at this place with the same therapist, and always found them excellent and good value for money.
— Patricia, Occupational Therapist
I sought Craniosacral therapy to ease knee pain after surgery, and found that the gentle method that Daniel uses provided almost instant and certainly lasting relief. This was in no small part due to the safe and welcoming atmosphere provided and the time spent discussing the problem and the treatment. I would unconditionally recommend this therapy.
— Su, Personal Assiantant